A downloadable game for Android

In 1939, the mighty Vulcan was placed on top of Red Mountain with his full butt facing the city of Homewood.

In 2003, Vulcan was to be re-erected. This gave Homewood the chance to have the butt pointed towards Mountain Brook. The battle was fierce, and it is now in your hands!

This is a 2-player button masher. Tap your city's button faster than the other person to point that butt away from you!


Install instructions

Download the apk, put it on your Android phone using Android File Transfer, Bluetooth, or whatever method you want. Open the file on your phone and it should prompt you to install the app. If it doesn't, use a different file manager app :P

Alternatively, you can plug your phone up to your computer and run:

adb install [filename]


MoonOverHomewood.apk 19 MB